JUL 2017 - SEP 2017 (2017-3) Profile newsletter

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October 2017
  • Friday October 6th, 2017 through Saturday October 7th, 2017 7:00am - 5:00pm
  • Fall Foliage Spectacular Driving School
  • Fall is in full swing - take advantage of the crisp temperatures at our October driving school. Weekend event with optional Monday September 25 for advanced solo students and instructors. Club Motorsports, Tamworth NH
  • (directions) 
  • COST: See registration page for options
  • Registration closed 09/22/17 

Recent news...

2017 Bav Auto Show and Shine(posted 09/17/2017)

Check out some of the photos in our gallery from this years event. Weather was nice this year, with lots of eye candy for BMW enthusiasts!

BMW VIP Racing Experience(posted 08/31/2017)

Check out our photo gallery for some shots of the BMW VIP Racing Experience held at New Hampshire Motor Speedway today. We were able to drive 240, 340, 440, and 540 models on track and autocross. Our own Pete Basiliere had the fastest time on the autocross course today and won a nice BMW backpack.

Break News - BMW Classic Car Club Rally - Sunday September 10(posted 08/15/2017)

BMW Classic Car Club of America joins us this year! Their signature, week-long Pine State Rally is now officially closed to new entrants, but BMW CCA members have been invited to participate in their tour and rally around the White Mountains on Sunday September 10. You can bring a BMW of any vintage to join in for the day. More information here

Chuck Schwager NH Car Collection(posted 08/05/2017)

It was a beautiful day today for club members to see some car eye candy at Chuck's wonderful collection. Check out the photos in our gallery.

New Chapter Newsletter is out!(posted 08/02/2017)

The very first edition of the BMWCCA Northern New England Area newsletter is now live! Click on the icon to the right of this message to see it. We thank the members of all three chapters who contributed content - and especially recognize Martin Callahan who has spent many hours refining our new look and process.  

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