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Web Site V1.6 published(posted 04/17/2006)

Added Ultimate Drive event description. The learning page of the Driving section has the One Lap of NHIS series. Latest meeting minutes added. Sponsor banner now shows entries in a random order. For feedback email link on web pages, included the name of the page in the subject of message. Added more updates to admin pages.

Web Site V1.5 published(posted 03/21/2006)

Street Survival™ school event description and FAQs, removed "About Us" navigational link and moved contents from that page. Updated the search index.

Web Site V1.4 published(posted 03/15/2006)

Added descriptions for several social events, added a SEC and Board meeting pages, and placed content into main social page. Meeting minutes are now archived on this site (and searchable). Admin enhancements for sending e-mail blasts and classified ad management. Added a direction link for events. Added a dinner meeting event description.

Web Site V1.3 published(posted 03/08/2006)

Enhancements to classified Ads administration. The Ads are no longer hard coded on the classified Ad page and the submission process is automated. There are admin tasks for approving/rejecting Ads and the Ads will automatically expire in 90 days. Also, admin support was added for doing e-mailing to subscribers. There are a few issues with sending out messages, but the basic admin is available.

Web Site V1.2 published(posted 02/20/2006)

You can now subscribe to our e-mail list, which allows us to send you messages of upcoming chapter events. This is a low volume (about once a week) list that is for club notices only.

Web Site V1.1 published(posted 02/13/2006)

This has a dynamically updated calendar with filters to let you view upcoming events by category. The ADSS and HPD schools now show the next event info. The HPD school requirements have been updated and registration is ready for both schools to use the new registration site at

Web Site V1.0 Beta Version Premiers(posted 01/30/2006)

We hope you like the new web site! This is the first of many iterations, where we'll add more capability to site as time goes by. Be sure to check back often to see what's new!

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